Architecture and Deployment Models

Designed for the Enterprise

Supporting SaaS, private cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments, Talos is designed specifically to support complex enterprise requirements and supports customization and integration at virtually every level. Open API’s, flexible integration options, and visibility into operations are core to both the Soho2 product design and operating model.

Key Capabilities

No Vendor Lock-In
Modern operating philosophy eliminates vendor lock-in associated with legacy providers.
Multiple Deployment Options
Deployed as SaaS, On-Prem, or hybrid, Soho2 works with each customer to customize infrastructure and operational deployment to their unique needs.
Open APIs
Designed using an open API philosophy, all system runtime functions and data elements are available as UI functions or programmatically via secure APIs.
Robust Audit Trails
Supporting the most robust financial services requirements, all system actions and activities are tracked and auditable in regulatory grade audit trails.
3rd Party Certified 
Certified annually by independent 3rd parties against to the highest industry standard security and privacy standards such as PCI and SOC2.
Highly Modular
Talos best of breed modules can be used as individual components in or combined as a turn key enterprise solution.

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