Pinpoint and action compliance violations across all customer communications while gaining valuable insights and ensuring proper agent conduct.

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Turn Customer Communications into Actionable Insights

Firms interact with their customers through a multitude of channels yet lack visibility into the risks and opportunities associated with these communications. Talos iDiscovery is a business discovery solution from Soho2 that allows users to automatically identify risks, gain insights, and action 100% of customer interactions, regardless of channel.

Features and benefits

Understand 100% of customer interactions
Eliminate sampling based approaches to risk and quality management by analyzing 100% of customer communications automatically. identify all policy violations and categorizing, tag, and action customer complaints and inquiries.
Reduce time spent listening to voice calls
Use machine learning, NLP, and human expertise powered models to automatically check calls against regulatory and corporate requirements.
Prioritize compliance issues based on severity
Automatically identify the riskiest interactions and prioritize resources to focus on the most critical issues first.
Delegate work to the right resource
Route alerts and issues to the most appropriate resources for review and action based on scenario and agent’s expertise.
Search Smarter
Instantly find and filter interactions based on transcript content, sentiment, topics of conversation, compliance with regulations, automatically chained interactions, or CRM metadata.
Flexible Workflow
Robust workflows including annotations, agent feedback and acknowledgement tracking, call tagging, foldering, and smart review queuing support virtually any business process.
Powerful Dashboards
Dynamic dashboards enable business unit specific reporting across compliance, quality, customer care, and business analytics functions. Easily filter information to focus on specific individuals, teams, complaints, or interaction types.
Quickly respond to regulatory audits and potential lawsuits
Instantly identify and extract relevant calls, transcripts, and workflow audit trails for easy production to regulators or legal counterparties.


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