Talos Platform

Powering automated insight into risks and opportunities

Contact center communications are complex and nuanced, yet contain the most rich, valuable view of interactions between clients and counterparties.   These communications have largely been ignored by today’s risk management teams who must rely on retrofitting customer experience-based monitoring tools and processes to obtain the unique insights they need, leaving firms exposed to potential fines and reputational damage.

The Talos platform is built from the ground up to address risk and leverages the latest technologies and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to apply levels of analysis and enrichment unavailable in any other tool. Designed to simultaneously derive insight, manage risk, and allow for rapid analysis and investigation, Talos works in real time to analyze 100% of client communications against a rich library of industry specific risk models, automatically quantify and classify them according to regulatory and internal standards, and produce alerts based on the most pressing threats.

How does the Talos Platform work?

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