About Soho2

Company Overview

Soho2 is the leading provider of communication analytics technology for the financial services and compliance market. Our clients derive insights, reduce risk, and automate compliance with regulatory and internal standards across all customer interaction channels.

Soho2’s analytics platform, Talos, provides comprehensive visibility by examining 100% of a company’s communications including voice, chat, messaging, and social media. Talos combines the power of machine learning, natural language processing, and real-world expertise to deliver results with unprecedented accuracy.

The Soho2 team is made up of industry experts with extensive knowledge in financial services, customer experience, and risk mitigation. Whether it’s deploying highly scalable infrastructure, applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, or working with regulators and risk professionals to address ever-changing compliance needs, Soho2 has the expertise to make your communications work for you.

Leadership Team

Chief Technology Officer

Loren J. Wheale

Loren brings over two decades of engineering and technology R&D experience to the role. Prior to joining sohosquared, Loren was the Chief Architect for Micro Focus and led the enterprise compliance and big data analytics cloud business. He was responsible for the design and delivery of their next generation platform and played a key role in the transformation of the engineering organization. Loren also held multiple senior engineering leadership roles at HPE and Autonomy.
Chief Product Officer

Svetlana Godjevac

Svetlana is a leader in product management, analytics, and user experience. At Sohosquared, she owns the strategy and development roadmaps. She delights customers with a superior product experience using a shadow-the-user approach. Over the past 18 years, Svetlana has helped build products from the ground up, leveraging-cutting edge technology, as well as driving existing products to new levels of maturity across multiple unstructured information domains. Her subject expertise spans Medical Annotation, Machine Translation, eDiscovery, Document Classification, Taxonomy, and Supervision & Surveillance. Svetlana holds an MA from New York University and a PhD in Linguistics from Ohio State University.
Chief Commercial Officer

Dan Viani

As the Chief Commercial Officer at Soho2, Dan leads revenue-generating departments to drive customer growth, expand market share, build strategic partnerships, and create win-win commercial arrangements with our customers. He is focused on achieving operational and strategic alignment across all revenue-building and commercial functions. Dan brings a highly diverse background to Soho2 including ownership and management of global sales and professional service teams, product management, sales operations, as well as individual contributor roles in software development, implementation, and enterprise sales. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Lehigh University College of Engineering.
Chief Customer Officer

Suzy Holmes

Suzy Holmes is the Chief Customer Officer at Soho2. Her role is focused on supporting each of our clients to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure we enable the best outcomes for their businesses. Suzy has spent the majority of her career leading client facing teams and as a trusted advocate for global customers in a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare, and high technology. Before joining Soho2, Suzy was responsible for managing experience for global financial services customers at Smarsh. Prior to this, she worked for more than two decades in healthcare technology.
VP of Professional Services

Jim Walker

Jim leads all consulting & delivery efforts to SohoSquared’s search partners and customers. With 15 years in search, he has partnered with countless customers to realize the full benefit of deploying a soundly designed and delivered search application. Prior to leading SohoSquared’s consulting practice, Jim led the regional business of an NLU AI tech firm and held senior positions at Lucidworks, leading revenue and technical teams in the U.S. and abroad. Jim enjoys running, mountain climbing, coaching sports, and is raising a daughter to be an empowered woman in tech.

Andres De Le Peña

Andres Leads Soho2 operations in Latin America. Andres joined Soho2 in 2021 and under his leadership the Latin American region has experienced significant growth and excellence in employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Andres comes to Soho2 from CXTeam where he built and led a global team of customer experience professionals.