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Instantly identify the risks relevant to your business using models built by experts.

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Compliance and Conduct Model Library

Enterprises are subject to an extraordinarily complex, rapidly changing global regulatory environment and must ensure operational practices and internal policies reflect the most current guidelines, identify and quantify areas of non-compliance, proactively remediate risks, and produce demonstrable evidence of their efforts to auditors, investigators, and counterparties.

Built by industry experts using a data set of billions of real-world communications, Soho2’s Compliance and Conduct modules combine the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence with extensive industry domain knowledge to provide an out-of-the-box solution that automatically assesses 100% of customer interactions and quantifies each one against the cacophony of evolving regulations, enabling organizations to quickly assess risk exposure and proactively manage risk in real time.

Features and benefits

Quantify compliance
Instantly quantify compliance with industry regulations without the need to build custom models or analytics in-house
Identify risks
Identify risks with the highest level of accuracy using combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and human intelligence.
Compliance focused analytics
Automatically make sense of long-form communications using compliance focused analytics pipeline specifically designed for customer dialogue
Compliance workflows
Quickly respond to potential issues by automatically triggering compliance workflows that map to organizations internal processes
Automatically identify issues
Automatically identify unknown or un-escalated issues that agents may have missed
Industry regulations
Stay current with industry regulations with Soho2 model updates


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