Talos Advanced Analytics

Tailored for long-form dialogue

Talos processes communications through a multi-stage pipeline specifically designed to derive insights from long-form dialogue.   Based on decades of experience analyzing text-based and spoken communications for financial services firms in a compliance context, the Talos analytics architecture enables the creation of high-powered models that use the right combination of machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and Human Intelligence (HI) to product the most effective results for our clients.

Multi Stage Analytics Pipeline

Based on years of experience surveilling communications in the world’s largest financial institutions, the Talos analytics pipeline was designed to processes contact center communications through a number stages, building up the right features required to evaluate them against real world business use cases.

Communications Normalization
Communications are normalized to remove PII and identify and tag entities like account numbers, product names, and places to reduce noise and enhance accuracy of downstream processing.
Business Primitive Identification
Talos machine learning and human intelligence models are used to identify tag each communication utterance with a rich set of business primitives such as commitments, inquiries, product features, account status, bankruptcy language, etc
Scenario Evaluation
Once tagged with the appropriate business primitives, entire communication threads are evaluated against customizable and context-based scenarios that map to real-world business requirements.
Aggregate Analysis
Trends are identified across large sets of communications using state of the art techniques for classification, clustering, and anomaly detection.

Other Capabilities

Visual Dashboards
Providing means to quickly analyze and consume large volumes of information, and to drill into trends, key risk and performance indicators, and relevant information.
Series Trending
Ability to see how any piece of metadata, derived insight, or risk changes over time. Learn from actual data and interactions, get ahead of potential risks or manage client interactions.
Advanced Full-Text Search and Analysis
Full search, metadata, and enrichment analysis in an intuitive interface or exposed via open APIs.

Want to understand what’s hidden in your communications?

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