Automated Agent Evaluations

Automate compliance and quality evaluations using AI powered forms and scorecards.

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Evaluation Automation Module

Reduce the amount of time spent manually evaluating agent performance by pre-populating evaluation forms using the Talos AI. Analyze 100% of customer interactions and outcomes so that coaching sessions can be focused on areas with the most impact on quality and compliance.

Features and benefits

Form Automation
Automate agent evaluation forms and scorecards using the power of the Talos AI. Determine which interactions need manual or assisted evaluation based on confidence scores.
Intelligent Sampling
Match the right evaluators with the right calls by automatically populating QA evaluation queues and workflows based on call content and evaluator skillsets.
Customizable Evaluation Workflows
Fully customizable evaluation workflows support your organization’s specific appeals, compliance case management, and coaching processes.
Auto Focus
Reduce evaluation question answering time by 60% by helping evaluators instantly navigate to the most relevant portion of the call for each question.
Customizable Dashboard Library
Out of the box reporting library supporting common evaluation metrics, scorecards, and coaching reports is easily customized to your organization’s needs.
Real Time Calibration
Ensure consistent performance across evaluators and QA processes using interactive integrated calibration sessions.
Coaching Workflow Management
Automatically identify, track, and report on coaching opportunities and outcomes using customizable coaching workflows and dashboards.


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