Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition – Building a foundation for quality risk analytics

No matter the use case, any solution analyzing speech-based interactions requires the ability to accurately understand and transcribe, even if transiently, what is being said.  Using deep neural networks trained on over a million of hours of audio samples in conjunction with industry specific context dictionaries customized by our team of SMEs, the Talos ASR module produces high-fidelity, high-quality transcripts across a range of 30 languages that serve as the foundation for our machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and human intelligence (HI) models to help enable unmatched levels of enrichment and analysis.

Key Capabilities

High Volume Batch or Real-Time
Process enterprise scale volumes of audio content in batch or in real-time. Optionally connect with leading telephony capture technologies, ensuring simple integration into existing infrastructure.
Multi-Language Support
Models supporting Global English built on thirty different countries including punctuation for ease of review. Forty languages are supported in total, comprising the majority of speech interactions globally.
Custom ASR Dictionaries
Define unique product, service, business unit, or industry related terms so that spoken words are accurately incorporated.
Custom Templates
Allows for organizations to define a combination of language, preferred output/spelling, sensitivity, dictionaries, locations, and output formats for processed speech.
Sentiment Analysis
Establishing sentiment at a full-transcript level and within the conversation to progression within an audio interaction.
Topics and Parts of Speech Analysis
NLP and parts of speech analysis, derive key topics, phrases, and themes from interactions.

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