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We are a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

George Tziahanas

CEO, Managing Partner

George leads all aspects of Soho2, delivering leading AI driven solutions focused on information risk and insight. George develops and implement advanced analytics addressing complex legal and compliance challenges. Introduced next generation automated speech recognition and analytics to regulated and enterprise clients. Established partner with leading technology firms that deliver innovative solutions to complex information problems for strategic clients.   Prior to founding sohosquared, George provided advisory services to leading legal technology companies, and held leadership positions with Luminance, HP/Autonomy, Orchestria and Intel.  George holds an M.S. in Molecular Systematics, and a JD from the DePaul College of Law.  He is admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois and the Federal District for the Northern District of Illinois.

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Loren J. Wheale

Chief Technology Officer

Loren brings over two decades of engineering and technology R&D experience to the role. Prior to joining sohosquared, Loren was the Chief Architect for Micro Focus and led the enterprise compliance and big data analytics cloud business. He was responsible for the design and delivery of their next generation platform and played a key role in the transformation of the engineering organization. Loren also held multiple senior engineering leadership roles at HPE and Autonomy.

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Thorn Phipps

Chief Revenue Officer

Thorn is driven, motivated, and proactive. He is relentlessly focused on accelerating revenue growth, achieving company’s goals & objectives, while delivering consistent & sustainable business value & operational excellence.

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Kevin M. Cowan

Principal Search Architect

Kevin grew up around technology. He began writing applications in enhanced BASIC in the late 70’s early 80’s, but since 1994 Kevin has been busy architecting and engineering bleeding-edge, enterprise-class applications in a variety of languages. He has delivered best-in-class solutions across a wide range of vertical markets, including VoiP, B2B, Healthcare, Finance, Government, Telecommunications, Enterprise Search, and more. For the past decade, Kevin has been involved with Enterprise Search, Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

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Jan Luke R. Moyou

Data Scientist

Jan Luke came from a family that owned a computer repair business and spent most of his time with computers. Jan Luke graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. During his time in bachelor’s, he found interest in machine learning with Stanford’s Machine Learning course offered by Andrew NG. He transferred to Computer Engineering for his master’s specializing in Data Science and Machine Learning. He has provided solutions for start-up applications for a financial product and other aviation related projects. He is currently entrenched in Machine Learning and NLP 

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Morgan A. Webster

Project Manager

Morgan received her Bachelors in Science from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Civic Engagement at Syracuse University. She is an expert in foreign policy. Before sohosquared she spent her time representing foreign governments, federal officials and state officials. Morgan is also a specialist in information technology spending her free time practicing code, developing websites, programing robots, editing video, producing music and creating graphics. Morgan has spent time living and working in France and England pursuing her passion for politics, technology and travel.

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