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The Speech2 Experience

Everyday individuals and businesses interact across a multitude of communication channels; whether it be text messaging, social media, email, collaboration, or speech-based platforms. Innovation in technologies has led to increasing integration between these platforms, blurring the line between collaboration software, online meetings, and audio channels. While pervasive connectivity has driven organizations to ever greater decentralization, the realities of Covid-19 have forced these working models at an extraordinary velocity.

Speech-based content is actually quite complex, and yet contains the most rich, nuanced view of interactions between clients and counter-parties. Concepts such as sentiment, intent, parts of speech and topic extraction, can help identify the key themes incorporated in a discussion, better infer a state of mind, and are key to managing risk and deriving insight.

Speech2 is built from the ground-up specifically for speech-based content, leveraging the latest technologies and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Integrated with Intricate analytics while applying high levels of accuracy, enrichment, and analysis unavailable in any other platform. Speech2 is designed to simultaneously derive insight, manage risk, and allow for rapid analysis and investigation across various use-case environments; improving customer satisfaction, supporting call center agent’s performance, reducing risk and enhancing compliance, delivering operational efficiencies, and transforming your total customer experience.

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Speech2 Advanced Automated Recognition (ASR)

Leveraging advanced ASR technology for core models both of speech and language, and deep neural networks at unprecedented scale, enables Speech2 to enrich the content that is processed and analyzed in our platform.

Speech2 Analytics

Speech-based content contains a level of depth, complexity and breadth missing from most other channels. Speech2 utilizes open API’s and integration fundamental to making our architecture the best on the market.

Speech2 Real-Time Assist

Real-Time Assist automatically delivers key information based on content of the call, provides, automated escalation, shows trending sentiment during the course of the call, and verifies key performance indicators are met.

Our focus drives innovation enabling the world’s leading organization to gain invaluable insights into customer interactions with competitive advantage.

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