our Solution

Core Features

Understanding our solution

Sohosquared omni-channel customer interaction analytics analyzes audio calls and text-based customer interactions (e.g., email, chats) to detect compliance violations, categorize complaints, map trends, and identify anomalies for effective risk analysis and business strategy planning.

Empowering Our Customers

We deliver Customer Experience and Compliance analytics insights that are critical to your business. Internal processes driven by financial and strategic goals, together with external forces (e.g. COVID-19), impact customer behavior and experience over time. This drives the requirement to enhance existing models, and to add new analytical models over time. It also drives the requirement to provide a flexible and adaptable dashboard and reporting capability for diverse end-user personas.

Our Foundation

The Sohosquared technical architecture is designed to facilitate modeling a broad range of Customer Experience and Compliance use cases, running the analytical models against large data sets, and delivering relevant, flexible and ‘easy to consume’ dashboards and reports. We continually focus on and pride ourselves on the depth and quality of insights we provide to our customers. A REST API based Sohosquared product architecture facilitates integration with third party systems.

Use Cases

Contact Center

Enhance customer experience, agent experience and business efficiencies  

Regulation & Compliance

Keyword, phrase and pattern analysis to ensure regulatory  compliance 


Location for audio data for disclosure and knowledge management 

Transcribing & Subtitling

transcription, captioning and summarization for pre-recorded and real-time content 

Media Asset Management

Enhance customer experience, agent experience and business efficiencies