Bring Your Own (Model): Open Adaptability Utilizing spaCy

April is a month that epitomizes Spring; all over there is new growth, change, and new opportunities.  One benefit of having a leadership role in the company, is that I get to name the theme of our releases.  Earlier this year we (I) decided that 2021 would adopt the use of great sporting fish; specificallyContinue reading “Bring Your Own (Model): Open Adaptability Utilizing spaCy”

Consulting Partner of The Year!

About two years ago, we established a partnership with Lucidworks, a leader in AI and ML driven search and analytics.  In our endeavor to provide our clients with innovative solutions to derive insight and manage risk, Lucidworks was far and away a clear choice for a core part of our offerings.   In 2020, we wereContinue reading “Consulting Partner of The Year!”

Data Science at a Glance

Introduction The year 2020 has been both strenuous and transformative for society. From Air travel restrictions, to state-wide lockdowns, industries have adapted to survive new terrain. The unknown landscape has produced a 25% increase in in-home data usage from March 2019 to March 2020 (J.Clement, 2020). As a result of the substantial growth in dataContinue reading “Data Science at a Glance”

Echo’s From a Prior Crisis

As we transition to our new website, we are looking forward to sharing more information around our work, and our continued growth in both our consulting and advisory business along with our solution development in speech analytics.  I would be remiss however if I did not first welcome Thorn Phipps to Soho2 as our Chief RevenueContinue reading “Echo’s From a Prior Crisis”