About two years ago, we established a partnership with Lucidworks, a leader in AI and ML driven search and analytics.  In our endeavor to provide our clients with innovative solutions to derive insight and manage risk, Lucidworks was far and away a clear choice for a core part of our offerings.  

In 2020, we were recognized as Lucidworks Consulting Partner of the Year.  It was a tremendous honor, and represented their trust in our work, but also the feedback they received from countless clients around our advisory and technology services.  Partnerships work when each party brings high-value, complimentary capabilities; in our relationship with Lucidworks we have found something unique.

Here we are in 2021, and Lucidworks has kindly awarded us Consulting Partner of the Year for the second year in a row.  In addition, we were recognized for our innovative work as an OEM partner as well, developing a speech analytics platform that leverages the power of Fusion.  

None of this would be possible without the amazing team at Soho2, which have delivered time again for our clients.  And while we have focused historically on digital workplace solutions for regulated clients, this year we took on several high profile, and difficult eCommerce deployments for leaders in the healthcare space.  This year we have deployed innovative solutions for:

  • Leading Health Insurer: (Fusion 5 PaaS)  To better connect patients with the care, providers, and information they need at a critical time for their healthcare needs
  • Leading Scientific Equipment Provider (Fusion 5 Client Managed):  Deployed the latest Cloud-Native, Kubernetes based Fusion 5 application to deliver the latest technologies to connect scientists globally with advanced equipment, supplies, materials, and critical knowledge
  • Multiple Financial Services Industry Clients (Fusion 5 PaaS, and Client Managed)  Delivering internal and client-facing AI and ML driven recommendations, connecting employees to key information quickly, and improving experience through customer-journey
  • Multiple Telecommunication Companies (Fusion 5 PaaS):  Two leading North American mobile telecommunication companies, delivering ML driven models to improve recommendations and purchases for client-facing e-commerce activities; while delivering new capabilities for support organization supporting millions of customers
  • Leader in Advanced Healthcare Solutions (Fusion 5 PaaS):  Delivers the most advanced, comprehensive suite of products, equipment, and care solutions to healthcare centers globally.  Deployed multi-region, multi-language, Fusion 5 PaaS solution to deliver advanced search and ML driven analytics, as part of global re-platforming effort.

Along the way, we worked with a number of other customers with endeavors large and small; but for them, for us, and for Lucidworks they were all important.  

We greatly thank @lucidworks, @iamwillhayes,  all of their great employees and the privilege of working with their clients.

George T.

George T. Tziahanas

Managing Partner