2020 in Review

As we approach the end of the year, we all take stock of the prior year.  To say 2020 was eventful, is a tremendous understatement.  It brought all of us any number of challenges, and it has been really amazing that our company has continued to grow and build, even in the midst of great challenges.  

Many people have confronted profound personal and professional challenges this year.  Having lost both of my parents late this year (directly and indirectly to Covid), in a short amount of time, it made me revisit lessons that I learned from them around “success” and “support,” which I believe allows us to put a lot of events into perspective.  


There are innumerable business books and HBR articles that talk about measuring and driving success.  And as a business growing revenue, new clients, investment, etc. are all easily defined and important metrics.  But my parents humble upbringing, and in my father’s case-terrifying-growing up in Nazi occupied Greece, they often viewed success in the context of others.  The success of their children, the success of my Father’s students and patients, or success for children of their neighbors.  Viewed in that context, we had quite a successful 2020:

  • Client Success: We worked with great clients that included major insurance companies, large financial services firms, a leading provider of scientific/diagnostic equipment, a global medical device company, two telecoms, and two universities just to name a few
  • Most importantly, all of these engagements were delivered to success

This work allowed us to continue to evolve Speech2 our audio analytics platform, and build new clients there as well (subject of a future blog).  This could only happen because our clients were successful; so any success we had as a business was derived from the success of others.


If this year emphasized anything, it was the need to have a strong support network, professionally and personally.  I was fortunate to have both.  On a professional level, there are a number of individuals and companies that deserve note:

  • Soho2 Team:  From our leadership team, our great consultants, staff and my fellow partners; the question was always the same “how can we help.”  And this was all done not because of commitment to the company, but rather because the values that each member of our team holds true.
    • Much of the support they provided was to continue to carry-on their work, delivering to clients, and developing leading edge software without missing a beat
    • Others took on increased workloads without complaint, all the while calling, emailing, or checking in
  • Our Business Partners:
    • Lucidworks:  Time and again, the customer success, professional services, support, sales, and leadership team stepped in to assist wherever needed.  And when the worst outcome occurred, they thoughtfully contributed to my parents memory.
    • Speechmatics:  This great team stepped in repeatedly this year to augment our marketing efforts, and their leadership, sales, and engineering team engaged repeatedly to provide support above and beyond required of a business partner.
  • Clients:  We work with an amazing portfolio of clients.  We obviously consider it a privilege, and enjoy the great and challenging work they provide.  But they also were all amazing and provided their support as well

All of us will be glad that 2020 is in the rear-view mirror, but it has provided all of us a chance to keep things in perspective, and be thankful the successes we have had, and great support around us.

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