Webinar Recap: Intelligent Assistance for the Call Center – Sohosquared x Lucidworks

Organizations throughout the world face new and existing complex data management issues. The importance of ML intelligent assistance enhances, manages and protect customers’ data. One of the most challenging data sources to manage is voice communications. The “challenge” we address—ensures every customer call and communication improves both your customer experience and service performance while simultaneously aligning with your corporate risk and compliance framework.

In this webinar, George Tziahanas and Simon Taylor will discuss voice technology and intelligent assistance in call centers. They will cover:

  • The challenges businesses face with voice data communication
  • Passive Recommendations
  • Speech2 demo modeling Active Recommendation
  • The Power of Fusion

George will also be joined by Senior Vice President and industry expert, Simon Taylor for an exclusive Q&A session.

George Tziahanas CEO, Managing Partner, Soho2

George Tziahanas is a Lawyer by trade and an experienced advisor with a rich history of working in the legal services industry. He is the Managing Partner of leading AI solution provider, Sohosquared which focuses on delivering AI solutions that are focused on information risk and advanced analytics for addressing complex legal and compliance challenges.

Simon Taylor, SVP, Lucidworks

Simon heads Lucidworks indirect channel business with resale, OEM and integrator partners covering search, discovery and AI solutions. For the past 25 years, Simon has served in senior and executive-level information risk, security and compliance management roles at several large multinational organizations in the IT, financial and pharmaceutical industries as well as state government. His experience has helped shape industry thinking in the way that organizations secure their environments, protect, retain and gain insight to their data, particularly the strategies required to manage financial and healthcare compliance, as well as next-generation cyber & legal analytics.

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