Speechsquared has arrived: Once unimaginable has now taken form in Speechsquared

Technology and computer intelligence are becoming increasingly more powerful and capable machines thus, many ideas that once seemed unimaginable just a few years ago are occurring now. Computer software’s coded with intricate algorithms are able to complete cognitive functions accurately, quantitatively, meticulously, and quickly.

Soho2 is pioneering artificial intelligent transcription software entitled Speech2​. Our product provides a balance for legal and compliance industries equipping them with the indispensable ability to examine voice data with just a few clicks.

Artificial Intelligence expedites every customer-managed environment. Enabling risk, compliance and legal teams to transcribe, translate, and redact; audio and video. This invaluable software can also analyze video and audio content in such a mechanism speech can be discovered, produced, and searched for in words, phrases, and faces. This technology mitigates risk, eliminates fraud, ensures regulatory compliance, and in turn increases efficiency, precision and profits.

Technology has allowed people to perform actions and communicate with people from across the globe in just seconds. Now with Speech2 you no longer have to listen or watch hours of video or audio, Speech2 will analyze and organize it for you flagging any relevant words or phrases. The premier speech and video recognition system has arrived, what was once unimaginable has now taken form in Speech2.

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