“This call may be recorded for training purposes.”

“This call may be recorded for training purposes.” Thousands of recorded calls can help a business deliver better customer service, but who has the time to listen to all those calls? 

In customer service, sentiment analysis delivers meaningful hidden emotions that identify how customers feel about your product, service or brand, and the overall tone of a conversation.

Audio and video volumes

A typical call center that gets about 75 calls per agent per day with a duration of 6 minutes. And if you record every agent’s call, this would be around 7.5 hours of recorded audio files per day per agent. That creates a storage problem and a sunk cost. Meaning a lot of your most important data stays stagnant in an archive, instead of working for you. 

There is valuable insight in those archives, but it takes a hi-tech solution to extract that value. 

Extracting the value 

The audio contains the What, Why, and How of the conversation.

· What are they calling about?

· Why are they calling?

· How was the call handled?

Understanding these points are helpful for your business, but beyond that, understanding the sentiment is crucial in deriving insights and therefore, providing the necessary data to drive your business in the right direction.

What are they calling about?

You want to understand not only each topic discussed, but what the sentiment was around each topic.

A customer calls and says “I like this, but not that.” Is it a neutral statement? This is where understanding human speech through NLP allows SohoSquared to sift through the nuances of customer comments

This is even more important when a conversation starts out with a disgruntled customer whose issue is resolved, leaving the customer happy.

That is the goal of an agent, after all. So, you want to extract key indicators attached to each context that provide you with what the caller was feeling .

Why are they calling?

Knowing their opinion of a specific product is only half of the story. We need to understand why they are calling. NLP extracts key information surrounding each topic. 

For example, “I don’t like your acme service, because …” Understanding that reason why the customer has a negative sentiment about the acme service allows your business crucial information that can drive go-to-market activities.

How was the call handled?

With insight into the sentiment-tone of the conversation, your business leaders can manage their products and personnel more effectively.

For example, poorly performing agents who need more training may need to adjust their tone to present patience, self-control, concern, and empathy, but it requires innovative technology to correlate these data-points together and bring course-correcting insight that improves your bottom line.

Driving initiatives throughout the organization

Using the latest in natural-language-processing techniques, SohoSquared’s analytical platform delivers the insight needed to improve productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction by interpreting and classifying sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) among enormous quantities of audio and video content.

With Sohosquared’s analytics platform we empower executive, management, leader and agent groups to perform better in their business by being informed about key indicators that are crucial to the business. Armed with these insights, corporate leaders are best prepared to make strategic decisions. 

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