Derive insight and manage risk in an information driven world.

Our Story

Soho2 leveraged their experience and developed a fully integrated speech analytics platform (Speech2) incorporating the latest technologies and its industry expertise, to provide an entirely new level of capabilities. 

Speech2 derives insight and manages risk in the most challenging information environments.  Combining the latest innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with extensive domain knowledge.  

All of our solutions are grounded by Soho2 advisory and consulting services with the expertise to manage, execute, and deploy at petabyte scale.

Our Promise

We deliver unmatched results to manage information risk and derive insight. Our clients trust us with their most challenging problems, with the highest levels of trust and confidence.
We work closely with our clients, and get to know them well – assessing their needs and getting to know their culture so we can provide the best solutions and technology advisory expertise.

Client Success

We empower our clients by and through their data insights.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Supported millions of insured clients under significant time constraints

“Sohosquared delivered us with a modern, AI driven search platform, that supported millions of insured clients under significant time constraints. The software provided capture and analysis of signal data to support ongoing machine learning, and improve response and client experience.” –Large Health Insurer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Addressed lost-opportunities, and allowed rapid deployment for updates”

“Sohosquared performed analyses of interactions with main client-facing site and supported both information and e-Commerce use cases. Furthermore, they incorporated machine-learning and advanced signals analysis to identify and address lost-opportunities, and allow rapid deployment for updates. Their software provides’ irreplaceable insights that immediately improved our ROI”  –Major Telecom Company

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Identified and proposed changes that significantly improved stability, resiliency, and performance of search platform”

“Let me tell you, the folks over at Sohosquared are incredibly flexible and responsive. They reviewed architecture of our critical search platform that is used widely both internally and externally by our academic community. They even took it one step further and identified and proposed changes that significantly improved stability, resiliency, and performance without any additional infrastructure spend.-Ivy League University

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