Reduce Risk.
Derive Insights.
Say the right thing.

Soho2 Talos reduces risk, improves agent efficiency, and automates compliance by turning customer communications into actionable insights.

Our Solutions

Sohosolutions illuminate hidden risks and opportunities in 100% of customer communications across all channels, enabling our customers to take actions to avoid fines and minimize litigation exposure while improving contact center efficiency and quality.

Compliance and Conduct Models

Instantly identify the risks relevant to your business using models built by experts.


Pinpoint and action compliance violations across all customer communications while gaining valuable insights and reducing IT burden.

Real Time Agent Assist

Say the right thing with real time contextual analysis and agent prompting as conversations are taking place.

Automated Agent Evaluations

Automate quality and compliance evaluations using AI powered scorecards and agent evaluation forms.

The Talos Platform

A single platform for capturing, analyzing, and actioning 100% of customer communications.

Communication Capture
Ingest any type of content from any source including high fidelity diarized audio, video, email, chat, and social media.
Automatic Speech Recognition
State of the art ASR uses deep neural nets trained on millions of hours of audio in conjunction with hand-tuned industry specific context dictionaries delivering unmatched error rates.
Advanced Analytics
Utilizing the latest in NLP, ML, and Human Intelligence techniques, risks and insights are identified by a customizable analytics pipeline built from the ground to analyze long form communications.
Flexible workflow architecture supports a rich set of workflows and tags designed to meet regulatory compliance needs out of the box and easily map to existing business processes.
Dashboards & Compliance Reporting
Out of the box compliance dashboards and interactive reports create dynamic views on 100% of data and analytics with no sampling and do not require complex query language or coding.
Real Time Processing and Agent Feedback
Communications are analyzed in real time as they are occurring so that agents can be alerted to risk areas and opportunities during the conversation.
Open Architecture
Built upon a philosophy of an openness and transparency, customer facing APIs simplify integrations and provide open, programmatic access to content and functionality.


Talos Product Brief

Real Time Assist Brief

Compliance and Conduct Models

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